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Bluetooth self-timer 
Accessories:carbon fiber flexible pipe(69±1CM);bluetooth remote control handle;mobile holder;USB data cable;little  A-frame;big A-frame。The focusing function is only support Samsung Andriod system。

First: pressing the switch button momentarily,the blue light flashing, the remote control is automatically entered into the bluetooth pairing state
Second:open the bluetooth enter into searching state,it will appear “Winnersun”, click the “Winnersun” to enter into pairing automatically,means link successfully,the blue light is off,the taking photo button light flashing at the same time,means you can taking photoes.
Finally:After link,the taking photo button flash in blue means support Andriod system,flah in green means support IOS system .If the flashing color is match to the mobile system,it would open the taking photo pattern,press the button you can take photoes.If it is not match to mobile system,you would touch-hold for 3 seconds to change the system.

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