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Eton Technology Co.,  Ltd. founded  in 1997 , our head office  in Guangzhou city, People′s Republic Of China . We mainly specialize in computer peripheral products and mobile accessories.
Our main agent in the Middle East :
Horizon Palace Trading co, In Riyadh Saudi Arabia and their distributors in: Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco , Sudan , Yemen, Algeria, Qatar, Bahrain and  Syria .
Horizon Star computer Trading, Dubai United Arab of Emirates
it's one branch of Horizon Palace trading Co. , it provides support and transit service to all authorized distributors in the Middle East and sooner will open new branch in Republic of India Cochin city.
Within a few  years Eton company  became an international company, and one of the world's leading markets , specializing in peripheral products of computer and mobiles accessories.
Eton  products are a great combination of elegance, with wonderful designs and high quality compatible with international standards and specifications to be the preferred choice at all times.

Our brand  "ETON" spread at most markets of the Middle East countries , Africa, Latin America, East Asia and Europe markets through a network of agents, distributors and customers.
Eton has been registered as a trademark registered in more than 50 countries around the world.
"Trustworthiness, and professionalism in the performance, innovation and responsibility and reputation, in addition to the continuing evolution" is the belief that we believe and we seek constantly.
 We promise to continue to provide high quality products, with the best technical support services and the most competitive price to our customers where we guarantee our products to them at all times.

Eton Technology Co., Ltd. 
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